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The NSF supports research into brain diseases

The NSF supports research into brain diseases. We are a registered charity founded in 1978. We support research which will ultimately help patients who have injured, or developed diseases of their brain and nervous system.

Since The Neurosciences Foundation was set up in 1978. The Foundation has granted over £1 million to early career doctors, researchers, and scientists. This funding has helped researchers to explore new techniques and diagnostic treatments into neurological conditions.

Read about the projects and studentships we have helped to fund here –

These conditions typically include –

  • epilepsy
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • brain tumours
  • stroke
  • head injury
  • schizophernia
  • MS
  • MND
  • dementia

Applications for Funding Review and Recommendations

All of the research funded by The Neurosciences Foundation has to be conducted in Scotland.

The Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) is the Trust’s internal peer review committee. Our MAC conducts a rigorous peer review of the applications for funding. It is made up of independent experts, who, on behalf of the charity, assess applications and make recommendations for funding to the Board of Trustees. This is done before the Board of Trustees can decide which of the projects should receive funding.

Trustees, members of the MAC and external expert advisors all give their time freely to this process.

The Trustees of The Neurosciences Foundation

  • Dr Sarah Deans (Chair)
  • Dr Kristin Flegal
  • Mrs Amanda Garden
  • Mr Henry Gildie
  • Prof Donald Hadley
  • Mr Phil Taylor
  • Prof Dave Wyper

Medical Advisory Committee

  • Dr Paul Brennan
  • Professor John Pickard CBE
  • Dr Saif Razvi
  • Dr Andrew Todd

Development and Secretarial Services

KMG Consultants provide charity developments and secretarial services to The Neurosciences Foundation.

Accounts and Charity Details

The NSF supports research into brain diseases. You can visit the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) website to view our details