Find out more about the research being done at The Neurosciences Foundation.


Find out more about the research being done at The Neurosciences Foundation.

Welcome to The Neurosciences Foundation Website

The Foundation held it’s second research seminar on 2 May 2019. All five of our students gave excellent presentations on their projects – some just starting and others about to finish. It was particularly encouraging to learn of the progress on two exciting projects aimed at developing materials that can be used to evaluate new treatments for MS and brain cancer, and on a project looking into detecting the different forms of Parkinson’s Disease.


An introduction to the work of The Neurosciences Foundation.

Why is The Neurosciences Foundation Needed?
While the National Health Service and Universities in the west of Scotland have provided the staff with modern equipment for routine clinical work they do not and indeed cannot, meet all the needs of research. The NSF, which is a registered charity, exists to help patients by providing funding for specific research projects or studentships. In order to receive NSF support, the research projects have to pass very strict review by experts.

Where is this research carried out?
The research which the NSF funds is centred, although not exclusively, on work done at the Institute of Neurological Sciences [INS]. The Institute is a major unit within the NHS and is housed in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow.

What is the purpose of The Neurosciences Foundation?.

The main role of The Neurosciences Foundation [NSF] is to assist in the provision of funds for research to help patients with brain tumours, stroke, head injury, Parkinson's Disease, depression, schizophrenia, MS, epilepsy or other diseases of the central nervous system.

General enquiries
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Neurosciences Foundation : Charity number SCO11199

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