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1) MND Support Grant application

The Neurosciences Foundation would like to receive applications for a grant of up to £10K to support research in Scotland into motor neurone disease.

Please use the 2023 NSF application form – NSF-project-app-form 2023. The completed form should be sent to the email address on the form by 24th November 2023.

2) Themes

We welcome early approaches by researchers who might want to seek funding. ‘Neuroscience’ is a very broad term so we often find it easier to raise funds for specific disorders of the brain. A short paragraph detailing who you are and what you are researching is all that is required at this stage. Enquiries to

3) Applications

Those selected for full applications should use the appropriate form:

  1. NSF-project-app-form 2023
  2. NSF-studentship-application-form

4) Guidance on final reports

Final reports should be submitted as soon as possible after your specified end-date. All we need is a lay summary outlining:

  1. Has the work that was funded been completed as specified in the application or were there any modifications
  2. What difference will the study make for patients
  3. Have papers on this study been published or submitted?
  4. Follow-on activities: e.g. has additional funding been secured?
  5. Lessons learned or other outcomes that might be of interest.

** Please include at least one image that we can use for publicity and a headshot of yourself.

*** We would like you to provide short updates after the final report as your research develops.