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Research In The Intensive Care Units
Funding from the Neurosciences Foundation enabled Dr Ian Piper to obtain preliminary data that helped to secure a €2.3M framework 7 grant from the European Union. Dr Piper's work can be followed at

Metabolic Imaging with MRI: the GOLD project
The original award of ~£10,000 from NSF has so far led to a further £1.6M grant income, 5 full peer reviewed publications and formation of a spin out company - Aurum Biosciences.The project aims to establish methods of assessing tissue metabolism in conditions such as stroke, cancer and epilepsy. Further information is available at

Brain Tumour Project
The Neurosciences Foundation raised £150,000 to support the pioneering work of Professor Moira Brown, who demonstrated that a modified version of the HSV virus that causes cold sores could selectively destroy rapidly dividing cancer cells and not normal brain cells. Progress can be followed at

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