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How we fund projects and studentships

1. Company donations

Most companies make contributions to charity. The Neurosciences Foundation welcomes all such support, but particularly so for companies in the west of Scotland, which is the area served by the Institute of Neurological Sciences. Company support will be acknowledged on this web-site and on our publicity material.

2. Donations from other charities

The rigorous peer review of projects supported by the Neurosciences Foundation ensures that the research is of an extremely high standard. Other charities can benefit from this process by teaming up with the Foundation to support, or part-support, specific projects. Details can be discussed with the Chairman and Trustees of the Foundation.

3. Wills

Many charities like the Neurosciences Foundation receive funding from individual wills. These often have conditions attached – for example specifying that the money should be used for research into a specific medical area such as stroke, epilepsy Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, depression etc. The breadth of conditions investigated by research teams at the Institute of Neurological Sciences in Glasgow means that these constraints can be observed. Advice on setting this up can be obtained as outlined in the contacts section.

4. Personal donations

You can make a donation by using our Just Giving page.

5. Fundraising

Would like to fundraise on our behalf? Setting up an online sponsorship page with Just Giving is the quickest and easiest way to collect sponsorship. Send your friends, family and colleagues your page link so they can sponsor you anywhere, at any time.

The Foundation runs a gift aid scheme and details of this can be provided.